Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Friendly Tree

This huge camphor tree lives at the corner of 18th and Capitol in Sacramento's midtown area. In front of Java City.  I like having coffee there and staring at the tree.

Another view of the giant camphor tree. I like up the tree shots.
 Большая дружная дерева

This large eucalyptus tree in in my neighborhood in Sacramento (Sacratomato) California

Very large oak tree in front of a Bentley automobile. 

Tree thinks it's being spooky.... don't think so. Needs maybe 1000 bats and a mask for that!

Here's a nice little tree found along the American River Parkway in Sacto, CA

Coolest place in town. Midway between Arden Oaks and Sierra Oaks. Just off Hurley. Call: 916-641-7696 Bring kids and dogs and your event planners!

Liquid Amber (Sweetgun) Tree

Cork Oak Tree Bark close up detail

Media Matters for America (find out who is lying in the media

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Art Malibu 

Note: I'm going to start accepting writing assignments again. My specialty is humor but I also can write shit to get you off the hook if you need that. I helped one client who blew a deadline for a job and got her right back in there. Have also written several effective letters to judges. That was fun!

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Knight of the Imperial Order of the Opossum (IOOTO)

CEO CLUB of Northern California

Farrell Hamann
Fine Art

Guilt trip cat

A big juicy peeled orange

Crime and Criminals (and pruno!!!)

Large red mulberry tree. (strong wood, they make golf clubs with the wood)

A group of crows that hang out together is called a "Murder" of crows)
Winter Tree. Sweet Gun or Liquid Amber

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